Funders & Donors

Early Learning Fund’s success depends on generous donations from individuals & organizations who believe in philanthropy. When you donate to Early Learning Fund, you ensure that children of future generations will grow into responsible adults and help the community grow, prosper and remain safe.

We are grateful to the individuals as well as organizations who have donated books, training material as well as funds to us in the past and would like to thank them with mentioning their names on our website. For this year, we have the following donors. (Abhisam Software has agreed to be a Donor Sponsor for 5 years)

  1. Juan Caldera (funds)
  2. Carol Bethany Johnston (funds)
  3. Abhisam Software (e-learning course provider and creators of HAZOP)
  4.  Wayne Harting (funds and books)
  5. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (technical help & volunteer support)
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